• Project Management

    We ensure that projects are done within the agreed deadline, budget and scope with pre-defined quality
  • Business Analysis and Consulting

    We help our clients to perceive their processes and suggest their optimization
  • Board Games

    We develop thematic board games as new form of marketing
Project Managament
Scope, budget, time, quality, communication... are some of the basic parameters of each project
Business Analysis and Consulting
We have years of experience in analyzing and optimizing business processes
Board Games
Unconventional marketing or short-term travel to other worlds
IT Project Management

Whether you are a company that has commissioned and paid an IT project or a company that executes it, it is necessary to have an experienced leader who will safely and without much turbulence manage a team of experts from the very beginning to the end of the project.

Project Management of projects co-financed by EU

Projects co-financed by EU funds require slightly different reporting in relation to projects that the client fully finances by himself. Everything else is very similar to the usual project management and the service level depends on the agreement with the client.

Business Analysis and Consulting

Company is like a living organism. Smaller and easy to predict changes occur almost every day. Bigger changes ask for retrospect, weighing the facts and making important decisions.

Supervision over IT projects

If you have a partner and a contractor who is implementing an IT project and you want to further ensure that everything will go as you wish you can engage us as a supervisor.

Conceptual development of board game

Every business area, field of interest or hobby has features that, with enough imagination, vision and logic, can be translated into an interesting board game that will get the attention of board game enthusiasts.

Game design and production

After developing the concept of board game and detailed testing, it comes to developing visual design of the game. In collaboration with professional designers, we select the best design followed by last step – production.


About Us

Minshara d.o.o. is relatively young company that was born on the rich experience and vision of its founder whose goal is to improve and optimize client’s business. We prefer partner relationships with our clients throughout the project, resulting in mutual pleasure and long-term cooperation.


We strive for perfection in every job we do which makes the endless source of motivation, by us, one of the key factors of success. Ethics, sincerity and honesty, both to the client and to ourselves is another part of the formula that makes our own core, our DNA.


Some of our references

Calvados Club d.o.o. - IT Project Management of project co-financed by the EU fund -

Karl Dietz Kijevo d.o.o. - Business Analysis and Process Optimization -

Klikeri d.o.o. - Business Analysis -

Nautika Centar Nava d.o.o. - Business Analysis & IT Project Management of project co-funded by the EU Fund -

Net Media Međunarodne Usluge d.o.o. - Business Analysis -

Net Media Sistemi d.o.o. - IT Project Management & IT Project Management of project co-funded by the EU Fund -


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